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a new Mixed Media Painting from start to finish!

TITLE: A Sense Of Place. Prints available in my etsy shop.
Email me if you’re interested in the original. juliette (at) juliettecrane(dot) com

this girl definitely went through a journey to get here. 

i kept track of her progress in photos as well as wrote her story on the back of the painting. and the thing that stood out the most, was that so often she was being pulled in two different directions. 

she started with red hair and lots of craziness in the background.

i knew i didn’t like her, but i wasn’t sure just where she should so next. so i made a bold move and gave her that rooster head. and that was the beginning of her character coming out.

i knew i liked that spot up in the left corner, but her face didn’t match her new frock of head feathers. 

after a bit of redoing her features, i finally found her look and dark hair.

with a little definition, i was loving her face. normally, that is the hardest part for me to bring out of the canvas, but with this girl, her features fell right into place.

i added some papers for the feathers in her hair…origami paper, book pages, and sheet music.

i’ve also been really inspired by and experimenting with lots of color and pattern. so her background was the thing that changed…over and over again.

< a href="/wp-content/uploads/blog/2012/02/2012-01-3012-45-17.jpg?w=240" style="clear:left;float:left;margin-bottom:1em;margin-right:1em;">

until finally, she found her scene. 

TITLE: A Sense Of Place. Prints available in my etsy shop.
Email me if you’re interested in the original. juliette (at) juliettecrane(dot) com

and everything suddenly came together. i knew she’d found A SENSE OF PLACE.


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have a wonderful weekend!


  1. wonderful when everything come together. happy Friday

  2. is is wonderful when things fall right into place…happy friday!

  3. This is great inspiration … So when I touch brush to canvas the perfect paint stroke doesn't need to flow out as finished product. Love her!

  4. thank you! for me, the beauty comes so often from my mistakes 🙂

    best wishes!

  5. LOOOOOOOOOVE this! So fun to see how many layers it took to “find” her. It is really so intuitive, isn't it? I started out with a painting this morning that no looks NOTHING like I thought it would. But it was pushing its way into being. 🙂

  6. very cool to see the progress of how she came together.

  7. That is so cool! I love seeing your process.

  8. Wow, really amazing to see your process. You are so inspiring to me!

  9. Juliette, I love seeing the path that your beutiful girl went on as she found her way to the perfect spot! 🙂 ~ So very inspiring to see each of the steps of your creation!

  10. i love all the little bits. and i really soak up the fact that you
    are willing to let it go and move in the direction that is calling you.
    i do that from time to time because somedays – there is a voice
    that just pushes to do that.

    she is gorgeous. love seeing all the curves along the way.

  11. wow i love seeing her process.she is just gorgeous she has a sence of calmness about her.beautiful colours.I could sit for hours and stare at her.

  12. I love this! I love seeing your process and letting her unfold into a world that feels right. She reminds me of a native American Indian who has seen her landscape change over hundreds of years while she remains strong. Beautiful work.

  13. thank you! your interpretation completely speaks to me as i've been thinking so much about how our own personal landscapes and scenes change throughout our lives.

    best wishes to you!

  14. It's great to see how you completely transformed her from her original form since you didn't like her. I think all artists sometimes think that others never make mistakes and get everything right the first time around. Thank you for showing that, that isn't always the case!

  15. thank you! that's definitely something i really try to show and why i share the start to finish process. for me, it's all about the mistakes that lead to something beautiful.

    best wishes!

  16. So lovely Juliette! I esp love the ones with red hair! :))
    hugs hugs

  17. She is real.
    You gave her
    a whole life.

  18. thank you for sharing your multi layer process! so cool to see how she came to be!

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