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a NEW mixed media FOX painting

TITLE: Hug Me, Forever. Original (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop.
this little fox is very dear to my heart. she started on valentine’s day

i hadn’t seen brian in two weeks when i heard a knock on my door. to my surprise, he’d sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers! i wanted to hug the florist because i just needed someone to hug in that moment. i’d missed brian so much and called him right away. when i got off of the phone i needed to paint all of the emotions out and process everything i’d been feeling. and so this fox began.

this was all before i’d seen my fox on the beach, so the painting started as a girl. i used pieces of the ribbon from the flowers. it so perfectly mirrored the heaviness in my heart.

from there, since she was really a self-portrait, she just had to get red hair…

and a beach.

there she stayed for a few days, which, if you know anything about my process and style, i can never leave any painting for more than a few days… 

or inevitably the painting gets covered up. i quite like her beachy blue blown hair here. but i couldn’t get her face. so, i went for a walk on the beach.

and that’s when i saw my fox.

so i thought, “why not.” she can have a head like a fox. i put out of my mind all of the thoughts that i can’t draw a fox. 

and that’s when my study of a fox began with my first portrait piece FOLLOW THE SIGNS. after a few more sketches, i was able to paint her. then i found the second half of the flower ribbon “forever” and knew it was part of her heart.

i felt rather silly adding the “forever.” but i thought that if it made my heart breath, maybe it would speak to someone else and help them the way painting her helped me heal .

TITLE: Hug Me, Forever. Original (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop.

this little fox’s title came about while i read an inspiring magazine article. it brought to mind that in order to move forward and let anything fill up your heart, you need to love yourself first. 

while she waits on the beach for her love to come, inspired by her most beautiful surroundings and all life has to offer, she fills the hole in her heart by loving herself first, reminding herself to HUG ME, FOREVER.

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  1. Love your foxes, Juliette! And a very sweet and inspiring story.

  2. thank you! it's so inspiring to have a new muse! i'm waiting to see a fox here in wisconsin 🙂

  3. Dearest sweet Juliette, i am in love with your new fox painting. So adorable! I want to give this little one a hug. 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy mid-weej and love to you!

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