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A New Little Bear Painting – Here With You

TITLE: Here With You. Prints available in my etsy shop.

This little bear has been feeling quite alone. After all, everyone always turns to him, their adorable teddy bear, for comfort and support. But now is when he needs it most. He can’t sleep. 

Flowers form inside his belly and match the sky, telling him to get outside. So he goes out into the flower fields at midnight. The light of the moon is just gorgeous and mirrors his mood. And what does he find when he’s most alone at midnight? The tallest poppy standing tall, all alone in her field, and greeting him… You are not alone. I am HERE WITH YOU. 

This little bear started off with lots of layers of stencils and spray paint. I loved the blue and added a bit of translucent turquoise for the sky. To compliment the blue, I chose an origami paper with flowers in various blue hues, then added the red poppies to real add contrast.

On top, I applied my own creation of antique decoupage…I added a bit of translucent yellow ocher to Mod Podge brand decoupage for a warm glowing top coat. Then, to decrease the shine and add even more depth, I sealed the painting with a final layer of wax. 


* And because I adore this teddy bear so, so much, I’ve added him to my growing collection of laptop and iphone skinz in my new society 6 shop! i hope you like them…check it out!

** I have quite a few new originals to share with you too. I’ll be adding them all to my shop next week! sign up for my newsletter to get a little reminder and details.


  1. Love the new bear! And the photos in your last post are stunning. I think everyone needs to “respirit” as I call it. By-the-way… GREAT idea offering laptop and phone covers!

  2. I love this bear, and such a sweet story!

  3. Love this sweet story for such a sweet bear!

  4. thank you 🙂 i'll be sharing a bit more about why i painted this bear to begin with next week…

  5. Adorable! He looks so sweet on that phone. 🙂 I have never heard of Society 6…so of course I had to go check it out. SO cool!

  6. society 6 has been really great…

  7. Your little bear is lovely!! 🙂

  8. He is darling, Juliette, and his story is so sweet. I love those wise, expressive blue eyes!

  9. Society 6, huh? Very cool…never heard of it before 🙂
    Love this little bear…..looks like he needs a bear of his own, perhaps? ;P

  10. So glad i found you via BYW. Your art is beautiful.

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