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a NEW fox painting: LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC

LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC. 5×5″ on wood.
Prints + Original available in my etsy shop. 
this little fox is all about its tail. he’s the fox that stands in the corner or walks by without saying a thing. you’d think he just wanted to be all by himself, but really he can’t wait for you to talk to him and ask him just how he’s feeling so that the music inside of him can start to play.

LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC. 5×5″ on wood.
Prints + Original available in my etsy shop. 

i had just finished watching the film fantastic mr fox (a phenomenal film & book too). 

i was thinking a lot about what one of my fox characters might be like if i ran into him just as he was sneaking into a farmer’s chicken coop. i thought he’d be rather quiet, yet i’d still be able to see the music inside. and if i got him at another moment, that music just might play rather loud and be his words since he knows to LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC.

for this painting, i layered lots of different art supplies from my studio to create this piece…acrylic paints, ink, pastel, glitter, vintage sheet music, and origami paper. then i applied my own handmade vintage decoupage to give the piece a lovely warm glow. and as a final top coat i added a coat of wax to seal and protect the painting from the elements and give it a nice matte finish.


i’ll be posting another fox painting tomorrow. then on friday all of the fox paintings and prints (along with a few others i’ve been working on too) will all be part of my march shop update.


  1. This fox is adorable!Love his eyes:)

  2. It's so fun to see a painting come to life. I love your fox! Great post!

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