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a NEW e-course! HOW TO PAINT A GIRL is HERE!

HOW TO PAINT A GIRL! A 6 Week Painting Class. January 20 – March 2
i just can’t wait to share this with you!!!
i’m so excited to introduce you to my new e-course…HOW TO PAINT A GIRL!
this class is 6 Weeks of painting girls together! i’ve broken down my girl characters into simple face, hair and body templates so you can easily make them your own! i’ll show you the steps i take to create a girl painting, layer by layer in videos, photos and stories!

we’ll create 3 Different Girls: the Uniform, the Paper Doll and the Organic!
and i’ll be sharing lots of inspiration and ways to bring joy into your life every day…like favorite recipes, fun activities, stories from other artists and so much more! 
painting girls is what started the whimsical mixed media paintings i create now and i can’t wait to share all of them with you! there are a limited number of spaces available in this course, so if you’d like to paint with me in January, be sure to register early!
I can’t wait to see the AMAZING Girls you Paint!

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