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a new bunny painting!

TO BE PART OF IT ALL. Prints available in my etsy shop

so this little guy started off like a bear and turned into a bunny. i’ve been thinking a lot about soft and cuddly things like stuffed animals. they remind me of playing as a child and being kind, compassionate and nurturing to myself now.

as a kid i had so many stuffed animals. a few of my favorites…a checkered dog named Clifford and a gingerbread man with fun google-ie eyes and a bell inside that chattered when you’d run with him outside.

lately, we’ve had a lot of bunnies playing in our backyard, so i think that’s why this bear shifted into a bunny. yet there’s something pretty other-worldly about this painting. it feels more like a human wearing a rabbit suit on a red and black planet. and i really love how his cotton tail looks just like one of the planets in the distance. 

to me, it’s a symbol of  same-ness. whenever i look out into the sky at night and see all of the stars, it’s amazing to imagine so much exists outside of our own worlds…and just how remarkable it is

TO BE PART OF IT ALL. Prints available in my etsy shop

this painting was created on solid wood using all sorts of art supplies…acrylic paints, origami paper, stencils and spray paints, india ink, pastel, pencil, and charcoal. on top i applied an antique decoupage finish to add extra beauty and softness and to protect it all from the elements.


  1. Joli petit lapin… Gros bisous

  2. Another super cute, adorable little bunny! I love the colors you use. So cute!!

  3. Awesome and thankx for sharing the process…fun to see the evolution!

  4. Another awesome painting! Can I ask how long your process takes? Just curious if you let each layer dry.

  5. it really depends on the painting for how long a piece takes. i always let each layer dry (or i'd end up with mud). i worked on this piece for maybe two or three afternoons, painting other pieces while this one was drying. sometimes it takes a few layers before i find the character i like…that's when it takes the longest 🙂

  6. Juliette;
    I am in love with this little bunny . . . that face is so adorable. You keep reaching new artistic heights my friend. Everything you do inspires me!
    Sending you hugs!

  7. So cute! (I had sooo many stuffed animals too and I remember lining them all up in my bed at night trying to leave myself space!) 🙂 I love your “stars” and the thought of being a part of it all!! I'm feeing inspired to go work on my owls now!

  8. Very Cute Juliette! Thanks for sharing your process!

  9. So very adorable and I totally know what you mean when you say that you've been thinking about cuddly stuffed animals, they seem to turn up in my paintings but I paint them out – now I'm thinking my inner child is calling
    : )

  10. Awesome! I love that you use so many different mediums and supplies..

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