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a love of doorways

i love painted doorways. 

i find so much inspiration in their bright colors and contrasting trim. there’s always tons of personality expressed in their little adornments too. i think of it as a peek into what’s waiting on the other side.

here are a few of my recent favorites…

if you’d like to see more lovely doorways, you’ll find lots on my pinterest board here

What’s been inspiring you?


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  1. I think you need to travel to Ireland! They have lots of painted doors there. And, it's Ireland! My kids, children's books and other artists tend to inspire me.

  2. i've never been to ireland! i would love to take photos there!

  3. I feel the same about doorways! It makes all the difference to a building if the door looks nice.xx

  4. Love these doorways Juliette – amazing what you see when you really look around you- thanks so much for sharing this — I'm going to Italy for the first ever time this year and hope to see some really interesting ones there……in the past when I've travelled, I've not been free to be or see what I'm interested in, but now no longer the case and boy, the world is suddenly all in colour!!!

  5. I love doorways too Juliette! I live in NH and they have some of the coolest old doorwys here. I need to take pics, I been saying that for a long while but whenever I think to do it we are travelling to see relatives and we never have times to stop. So thanks for sharing your doorways they are bright and beautiful and were fun to look at and imagine what they lead to! Sanna

  6. Nice! I especially love the bright blue one with the louvre doors. Lovely. As for what's inspiring me: usually patterns and reflections. I keep photographing them. That and the nature that surrounds me on the beautiful island I live on.

  7. Do you pursue doorways on Pinterest? There are a LOT of boards devoted to doors and doorways!

  8. Thanks, Rebecca! I do have a pinterest board just for doorways.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. My dream is to someday have a house with a cute painted doorway.

  10. OOOHH! Cool doorways. I live in a condo, so I am stuck with the same thing everyone else has. 🙁

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