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a few things that make me smile

Florence, italy (where we got engaged),
pink hearts,
 the Australian countryside (when we lost our way off the great ocean road),
harley davidson (i love motorcycles),
 mountains so high you feel like you could touch the sun,
 flowers that look like they’re standing up for themselves,
 and my favorite spot as a kid.


  1. How romantic to get engaged in Italy!!! Such beautiful and peaceful pictures, Thank you for sharing:O)

  2. awww…we spent our 25th in florence. it makes me happy too!

  3. My husband and I spent a whole month visiting France and Italy and it was wonderful.

  4. love, love, love, love, love!!!!!!!

    love florence….i was married on the Isle of Capri in Italy – ABSOLUTEY BREATHTAKING!!!!

    and i, too LOVE motorcycles!!!

    and your last picture…just LOVE it!


  5. Love the photos! They made me smile 🙂

  6. Florence is dear to my heart as well… So many sweet memories. Nice to see you reminiscing about special times in your life…

    My husband bought me a bike helmet and leather jacket last Mother`s Day… He`s trying to convince me to get my own motorcycle license…Jury`s still out on that one… For now I`ll continue to hold on tight and enjoy the ride from the back…lol

  7. I love Florence. It is so beautiful, that it was one of my very favorite places in all of Europe. The tiles…the colors…♥

  8. Love love love. How wonderful to get engaged in Florence. Swoon. xx

  9. These are gorgeous photos and they made me smile too! I especially LOVE that last picture of you! My dad used to put me up there too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  10. what a cute pic of you on your frige! what a cutie pie-

    and oh yes, the flower standing up for itself, setting the example! nice!!

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