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a few things that make me smile

 Succulents at sunset,
 happy cats,
 rows of pastels,
 green tiled floors,
 well traveled luggage (someday, i do hope to get to paris too),
 stained glass lamps,
 tea room cafe, petaluma, ca
and enjoying tea in the most random places.


  1. Lovin' all the pics but the suitcase is my fave!

  2. So gorgeous. I'm a suitcase lover also. The stained-glass lampshade is adorable too!

  3. I am with Jenney-ADORE the piece of luggage; looks like a work of art.

  4. these all made me smile too…especially the succulents. Wow!

  5. I love the succulents in the sun. I was just thinking about getting Hens-and-Chickens plants again next year. I used to have them at my old home, but I haven't had the little cuties in years. I miss them! Great photos, love that luggage…♥

  6. These are gorgeous and i love that suitcase! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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