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A Few Things That Make Me Happy

Kayak rides on the lake in summertime,
 colorfully painted houses,
 finding a rock star’s journal in my neighbor’s lawn,
lily pads,
and discovering this little guy on the lookout…
most likely for this guy. I love faces in trees!


  1. That water lily is absolutely perfect. Good find!

  2. hey juliette, i'm popping in over from flying lessons. as i am trying to catch up to this week's lessons, i saw your comment about your stencil creations and i knew if i responded on there…you maybe wouldn't see it as i am dayssss late.
    ok – you might think about fine tuning your stencil designs (they may be perfect now – i just didn't know how far along you are on them), and then taking them out to different art supply companies to try to get them licensed. sort of like all of those folks who created stamps and scrap book papers and then sold/licensed their designs. i know an artist – mary beth shaw, who recently did this with stencils that she designed. check out her blog:
    and best of luck to you!!!

  3. Those would make me happy too… The cougar on the rock reminds me of playing with my plastic horses like that when I was a child… I always had a heard of mustangs that roamed free in the bushes, along streams and among rocks…

  4. one of our favorite pasttimes it to paint little birdhouses and fill them with birdseed… thanks for letting me think of that.

  5. Juliette, thanks to visit my blog, i am very happy!!, your work is amazing, i like so much tis pictures, the tree is fantastic!, and your ilustrations are very beautiful and creative. Colours and kisses!!

  6. lol, all these make me smile too. 🙂 Especially Kayaking and the face in the tree. We have a huge redwood right in front of our house, and one day while at the store a friend decorated it with one of those faces. I just love it!

  7. These are indeed cheerful images and looking at them makes me smile too 🙂

    Happy summer and Happy 4th of July!

  8. I dearly love kayaking, lily pads and YOUR blog! Delish!!! <3

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