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a few things that are inspiring me

Street art,
wearing red socks,
bright orange berries on purple branches,
 the last blooming flower of the season (i can hardly believe it’s still living in these rocks),
and the lake near my house on a gray day (same day as i shot the blooming flower).


  1. Beautiful photos Juliette!! Thanks for the inspiration today! 🙂

  2. Great photos – I love the first one! ha!
    (And brightly colored socks always put a smile on my face!)


    p.s. I think all of the space in your “new” studio is fab!

  3. Oh, I miss living on Lake Monona!

  4. Awe, sweet! Great photographs, I need to get better at photo taking. It makes a difference! xoxo

  5. That looked like an awesome day to take some photos , thanks for sharing Juliette ! : )

  6. with you on the red socks…they are so much warmer. 🙂

  7. Ooooh look at that lake! Love! ♥ Inspiring!

  8. I don't usually like to wear socks, but when I do, I do enjoy wearing red ones!

  9. Great photos of your view of things that inspire you. Happy weekend…

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