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a day in northern wisconsin

last week i headed up north for the day to spend some time outdoors. i was amazed by the beauty and silence. so much of what i needed.
a calming blue definitely seems to be the theme for me right now. something i will definitely be including in all of the new paintings i’ve been working on….


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Amazing big skies in the top couple.
    ( BTW , looking forward to meeting you at DWYL ! )

  2. and all she could see was the endless sky, & on the ground there wasone blue feather.

  3. What inspiration! That feather is gorgeous. I feel refreshed just looking at your pictures!
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  4. That blue feather is DIVINE! What a find!!! That landscape looks similar to ours right now… Thank-you for the “fresh air”. Happy creating sweet Juliette! xo

  5. i have never been to that area of the country but your photos are beautiful. looks calm. ahhhh…

  6. these pictures are stunning!

  7. That sky is so dreamy, and the feather is beautiful!

  8. Still snow on the ground. Wow.

  9. Hi Juliette! Love the sky…the colors and clouds are simply gorgeous.

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