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$99 Moving Sale on All Original Paintings

We’ve just moved to the countryside! 

It has been a dream of ours for sometime to have land in the country. We have been taking weekend motorcycle rides out of the city for years, always admiring the rolling hills and sunset views. 

Last year, we started seriously searching for a place. And a few weeks ago, we finally set roots in our new home… on 10 acres of pinewood forest (in that, I think, there is a new children’s book). 

The entire journey was quite a reminder to keep following your dreams, knowing that the best thing to emerge might be something you had never imagined and may be better than anything you could have planned.

With all of these new directions and inspirations, I have the sense that a new painting series will soon emerge. I’ve already been painting giant owls in the backyard on BIG canvases (so much fun)!

Moving gave me the chance to find all sorts of paintings I’ve created the last few years… and it’s time to make room for the new.

So, this week, I’m offering a $99 Sale on All Original Paintings in my shop.

Visit My Shop Here.

My hope is that all of these paintings can find the best possible new homes too.

$99 Sale ends next Friday, June 17th, 11:59PM EST. All prices are marked. Paintings will ship June 21st (we’ll send you a tracking number then too). 

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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