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9 Things That Are Making Me Smile

The garden after a rain,

long walks in the woods,

flowers that seem to be singing,

homemade desserts (and lovely art too),

backyard concerts,

comics and mystery novels,

imperfect symmetry,

kentucky derby-inspired foods,

and afternoon thunderstorms.


  1. What a great list! I thought the imperfect symmetry was a wonderful find:D

  2. thanks! that walkway just made me stop…best wishes!

  3. so good to hear…i love photo walks!

  4. Made me smile too!

  5. Hey Juliette – The backyard concert was at my neighbors, I live in the yellow house next door. Small world, once again!

  6. i can't believe you live right next door! if i would have known, i would've loved to stop in and see your studio 🙂

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