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9 Things That Are Inspiring Me!

Decorating the front porch with primary hues,

visiting little cheese shops,

baking potato chips (i’m especially loving them on crackers with rosemary and chevre cheese!),

sketching whimsical animals in my backyard,

early blooming poppies,

smiling frogs,

riding in a horse and carriage (my current guilty pleasure is watching downton abbey),

blooming peonies,

and taking long motorcycle rides to have picnics at the lake!


ps. my lovely husband brian and i just launched a new website! we’re teaming up to design and develop websites, blogs and e-course websites and we’d be delighted to work with you! check out our brand new humanITy website here.


  1. I love baking sliced potatoes in olive oil and salt until they're caramelized and crispy. Delicious.

  2. your inspired inspires me!

  3. Great inspirations, they work for me too!

  4. I love your whimsical animals! So cute! I also love that chair. Very nice.

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