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9 Things That Are Inspiring Me

robots (by coelacanth),







and signs!


what’s been inspiring you? i’ve just cleaned out and repainted my studio…i’m making lots of room to start painting BIG. i’ll share the studio makeover photos with you soon! it feels like an entirely new place to create! check out my old green room here.


  1. Aweeee..turtles! I recently found out that they are totems of protection for children…hmmmmmm Let us not forget how cute turtles are….love to visit…♥Debi

  2. love knowing more about animal totems…i need to look up the meaning behind the fox i saw on the beach.

    best wishes!

  3. These are great inspirations Juliette…those slippers nearly made me spit out my “hug” (my coffee!!).

  4. i know…i laughed at those slippers for quite a while right in the store. happy they could make you smile too 🙂

  5. Those coelacanth pouches are sweet! I love colorful, quirky graphics. They remind me of another cool company – PapayaArt – Love!

  6. yes…i love papaya! so many lovely, inspiring things!

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