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8 Things That Make Me Happy

enjoying breakfasts outside,

painting with my nephews,

red velvet lilies,

lettuce wraps (with greens from the garden, soy sauce marinated radishes, rice noodles and walnuts),

red doors,

flowers that look like lace,

salads with blueberries (and gorgonzola cheese, pea shoots and raw almonds),

and new art supplies! i can’t wait to try out all of these new colors…i’ll let you know my favorites!


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  1. Your breakfasts and lunches are like works of art! What made me happy at 6.30 this morning? Looking out of the kitchen window and seeing sparkling dew-diamonds all over the grass in the early sunshine.

  2. Would love to eat from your bowl for breakfast and lunch (well, except for the cream, yoghurt and cheese) 🙂

  3. what a great combo of pictures. yes, the breakfast and the art supplies look YUMMY!

  4. mmhhmmmmmm….love your view.

  5. Love new art supplies too. curious what are the paints in the tubes in the white box in the middle of the last pic?

  6. those paints i picked up at the university book store and the box said “authentic chinese watercolors.” i'd never seen them before and am loving the colors 🙂

  7. Now I'm hungry! The food looks so good! Have fun with the new art supplies!

  8. ok I am seriously in need of a healthy food makeover and this post totally inspired me! Its Winter here in Australia and I tend to get caught in a kind of fried food red wine comfort habit during these colder days. Looking at your yummy salads has given me a bit of a kick to get out of the rut and make some good choices. Thank you Juliette!Thanks for your email this morning as well…excited to talk about wonderful arty projects and inspiring stories!

  9. From the healthy food to the Red Door, all that will inspire me too.

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