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7 Things That Make Me Smile

Looking up from the trunks of trees,

super adorable save the date cards with stickers and secret messages,

rainbow painted furniture,


action figures, especially when I find them posed on the sidewalk,

surprise flowers blooming in my garden,

thinking about all of the people flying on that plane and wondering what they are thinking.


  1. What a great, diverse list – makes me smile too!!

  2. really fun post! love your fiddleheads!

  3. i love your list
    & thank you
    for spreading
    your smile
    (& beauty, & inspiration &&&).

  4. Oh how lovely is your list! That rainbow painted furniture makes me squeal with delight! And, having a 7 year old boy I can't help but smile at the action figure on the sidewalk.

    Thank-you Ms. Juliette


  5. the action figure made me giggle…loved that he was “posed”!!!!

    thank you for sharing these beautiful pics…it made my heart smile!!!

    love and hugs,

  6. Thanks for the smile – loved all of these!

    Smiles back.

  7. They made me smile too…

  8. thanks for sharing — all those things make me smile especially the plane! 🙂

  9. What a fantastic list – i love it!

  10. Loved your seven things that make you smile! Especially the fiddlehead ferns and the action figures! 🙂 Theresa

  11. i heart this! looooooooove looking up a tree trunk!

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