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7 Things That Make Me Smile

My art table all set up and waiting for me to paint outside,

happy cats that greet you at your neighbor’s door,

looking inside a computer and seeing it’s just like a little city,

watching the clouds on a windy day,

riding motorcycles through the countryside,

trips to the lake on sunny days and dangling our toes in the water,

laying in the grass and writing in my journal.

And a gigantic THANK YOU to Maria Palito for this beautiful blog interview. I actually learned a lot about myself and my art after answering her fabulous questions. She has a lovely blog and does really colorful and adorable art. Thank you, Maria for sharing your work!


  1. Ooooh – Juliette! Your photos are amazing! Especially to be able to see beauty inside of a computer … my favorite though? The clouds 🙂

    Have a great day!

  2. thanks for sharing! Lovely pictures and the things you listed sound very fun!

  3. That's a good idea having a whole work station in the garden! I like the picture of the inside of the computer, just like a city!xx

  4. Oh my…that art table outside looks like a dream. Enjoy!!

  5. Hello Juliette 🙂

    That art table for drawing outside makes me very happy too. I LOVE painting outside…and I love cloudwatching too. I love dangling my feet in the water (and also stick them in the warm sand on a beach)…I love your blog header because I also am a big admirer of the star studded evening sky.

    Enjoy your day,
    Doris 🙂

  6. lovely things, and the sun is shinning here today, so the snow shall soon be gone!!

  7. I love that lake picture, it looks so peaceful!

  8. Thank You for stopping by my blog! Nice to meet you. I love the idea of a little studio space outside. I may have to set one up in my yard!

  9. i definitely recommend setting up an art workspace outside. so inspiring!

    xoxo, juliette

  10. Aw you keep a journal? 🙂

    I looove the insides of computers and any technology. When I was making necklaces, I took apart a lot of electronics and kept all the cool chips! Might make a big artwork piece out of them all. 🙂

    And.. why only 7? 🙁

  11. I know, I wondered why only 7 too and then I kept coming up with other 7 things I'd like to write about … a work in progress.

  12. Oh Juliette, I just got a new camera. I can't wait to try this! BTW loved the interview!

  13. I think I may paint outside this summer too! I'll set up in the shade on my picnic table. Thanks so much for the idea 🙂

  14. i think if i lived near you i would be over painting with you in that wonderful spot! thanks for sharing.

  15. i love this list….but then again i love all your lists!!!!

    your sweet work table just calling out your name….the toes in the lake….i get to do that this summer when i visit my mom and dad, one of my fav things too!!!!

    sending you a big hug….going to read your interview nOW!


  16. OH Juliette! How I dream of painting outside! I haven't tried that yet…Thank-you for inspiring me to paint under the sun.

    I just read your interview. I find it so amazing that you have not been painting long. Your work is SO distinctive…and it takes me away to a far away land of possibilities and of spiritual adventure!

    SO wonderful to learn more about you. Like how organized you are with all your notebooks for your goals…Good for you! Looking forward to following you on this ARTful journey!

    Danielle xox

  17. Juliette I really enjoyed reading your interview. It is always so interesting to get insight about an artist. Your work is wonderful. Happy creating…

  18. Dear Juliette, this looks like a fun day – so important to notice and celebrate the little things around us! I like your style, so nice meeting 🙂

  19. All those things made me smile too! xo

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