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7 Things That Make Me Happy: food & flowers

The smell of lilies,
the first ripe tomato in the garden,
evening photo walks,
greens from the garden with blueberries and almonds,
little blue flowers,
lettuce wraps (with rice noodles and soy sauce soaked radishes),
and frozen watermelon on a hot summer day.
ps. if you missed my watermelon granita recipe, it’s another perfect summer treat!


  1. I really love your salads, Juliette. Can you make me one, please???

  2. Wonderful! I love a little something sweet in my salads, like dates or raisins, but I've never tried blueberries(even though I eat them every day!).
    Your tomato looks stunning by the way!

    And yes, I am definitely eating watermelon today:D

  3. Lovely flowers… the salad greens with blueberries and almonds look delicious and so pretty!

  4. What gorgeous pictures Love that tomato:O)

  5. That plate of greens and blueberries looks so appetising, so do all the other food stuffs, including the tomato. We used to have a greenhouse before we moved to a flat and grew our own tomatoes, and Oh! they tasted so much better than supermarket tomatoes. The flowers are gorgeous too – what are the little blue flowers?

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