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7 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Shiny colors at the Harley Davidson museum,

buying seeds to plant in my vegetable garden,

creamers that remind me of springtime,

writing in my new owl journal,

spray painting lots of backgrounds with stencils,

dying old tshirts kelly green and sewing corsets from patterns in the alabama stitch book,

and making homemade chips and salsa (pineapple, chilies, tomatoes, onion and lime).

ps. Class just started this week… register at any time.
pps. in case you missed it, read my interview over on the Lucky Star Art Retreat blog. I answer lots of questions that I get all of the time. 


  1. What a delightful, happy list!

  2. That notebook! Gimme gimme gimme! 😉

  3. That Alabama site looks very intriguing – I could see myself getting lost in all of that. Hope your jersey knit corset comes out fabulous! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

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