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7 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Walks in the park,

baking 5 varieties of crackers and running a taste-test for our favorites,
(seasalt, rosemary, sunflower seed, sesame, and plain…we had a tie between sunflower & rosemary) 

chasing butterflies,

finding that i have trumpet flowers growing in my garden 
(i’ve wanted them for ages and they were there all along, but had never bloomed in four years),

stepping outside and cutting fresh herbs from the garden,

berries and cream,

and flowers that look like they’re singing!

What’s been inspiring you?


Call For Submissions

i’ve been so touched by all of the inspiration coming in for my weekly CREATIVE SUGAR project. read the published inspirations here. and stop back next tuesday where i’ll feature a new inspiring story!

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  1. These are all wonderful! Makes me miss nice summer weather even more though;) It's been raining here, so my list sounds more like a winter list:
    -baking cookies!
    -nice tea
    -knitting with new techniques
    -good music

  2. Thanks for the Summer Inspiration…It was just what I needed! I get this kind of post…Keep IT UP!!!

  3. The flowers DO look like they are singing! Now that your trumpet flowers are blooming, watch for hummingbirds! They look very much like the Trumpet Creeper vines we have here and the hummingbirds LOVE them!

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