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6 NEW Art Supplies I’m Currently Loving

Juliette Crane

i love finding new art supplies.

whenever i try out and layer new supplies i come up with new ideas and characters. and it really gets my creativity and playfulness going.

here are a few of my favorite new art supplies…

Photos (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):
* Gold leaf (i love applying it with a stencil and golden’s gel medium),
* Vintage lace table runners (perfect for stenciling with spray paint),
* Liquitex inks (so fun for adding a sheer layer of color),
* Sequins, glitter and anything shimmering,
* Wax pellets (perfect for creating encaustics in small areas),
* Vintage book pages (so fun for drawing on with india ink and using as a sketchbook).

Find more of my favorite art supplies here.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


  1. I love inks too. I like to drip them and spray water on the drips to see what patterns the water creates. Vintage music paper is also a favorite!

  2. love the random-ness you can get with all of those drips!

  3. I love working with sculpey clay! I have never used inks such as those, I use the calligraphy pen and ink nib in my watercolors though!

  4. oh I never thought about doing encaustic in a little area… And metal leaf – yes, I love that stuff. 🙂

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