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3 Inspiring Books & Under the Tuscan Sun

the enchanted april

lately i’ve been adoring books that take me to a far away place…real or imagined, it doesn’t matter. i’m just loving to sit in the backyard with my feet dipped in the pool (my little kiddie pool) and read books that are perfect for a day at the beach.

the enchanted april by Elizabeth Von Arnim is such a charming book. i read this in a weekend and it completely took me back in time AND to italy! what could be better than a story about four ladies who rent a castle in tuscany for two months? definitely a book to completely get carried away with. 

under the tuscan sun

and since i’m dreaming so much about tuscany (brian and i got engaged there and i cannot wait to go back), under the tuscan sun has been around for a while, but it’s another one to read or even reread and fall in love with.

the book is completely different from the movie. and to me, it’s even more lavish. i keep reading it again and again!

author, frances mayes, paints such a gorgeous picture of her journey buying a home and fixing it up with her husband in tuscany. there are even recipes inside…and all of the foods and gardens described in the book are absolutely breath-taking!

the night circus

after talking with friends, i’ve heard that the night circus gets mixed reviews. emma morgenstern creates a fantastical world where the circus appears out of nowhere around the world and magic goes on inside. 

the story definitely starts off a bit dark. i almost closed the book and didn’t return to it after the first few chapters. but in the end, i was glad i kept reading. 

Have You Read Any Good Books Lately? What Are Your Favorites?


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  1. I love it Mrs Crane. I get ideas for books from your blog! I'm reading “Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children”
    reviews can be a bit swaying but I ignore them and find out for myself. I do have “The Night Circus” ready to read and I think everyone is talking about it,So we'll see.
    PS Always love your Foxes.

  2. I have a favorit book that I have been reading over and over again, It is an old book and they even have made a movie. The name is The world of Suzie Wong by Ray Stark. I do have both the book and the film and I love boot of them… It is about a painter, a struggling American artist and a beautiful Chinese prostitute who captures his heart. I do love the book Under the Tuscan sun, going to take a look at the others..

  3. the night circus is my favoritest book ever!! I am re-reading it right now, I just love it!!

  4. I might just go and get :Enchanted April as it sounds lovely. I bought from the US and am reading now “The Sketchbook Challenge” by Sue Bleiweiss and Daring Adventures in Paint by Mati McDonough and enjoing them – and I'm afraid the other is a cookbook put out by one of our local deli /lunch/ coffee shops called just “Ripe” – love your blogs……Marilyn

  5. The Enchanted April sounds like it is just up my alley! Thanks so much for the recommendations!

  6. i've been painting quite a few new foxes for my upcoming online workshop…so nice to hear you love them. thanks!

    i tried Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and couldn't get into it, but i'm wondering if i didn't give it enough of a chance. i've heard good things about the book from so many 🙂

    more book reviews coming soon! xoxo

  7. excited to look into The world of Suzie Wong…both the film and book look very good 🙂 thanks for the recommendation!

  8. so fun to hear! enjoy 🙂

  9. mati's book looks beautiful! i've been wanting to get it…adding it and the sketchbook challenge to my book list…thanks!

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