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12 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! -Audrey Hepburn


My first blog was titled Inspired By The Little Things… and it is a notion I am really returning to these days.

I used to write weekly posts, sharing my inspirations. Lately, I’ve really been missing those, so I thought I’d bring them back.

This week I’m sharing my inspirations from our recent getaway to Sonoma, California. The landscape so reminded me of where we were engaged in Tuscany.

Being in the redwoods again also completely melted my heart.

I’ve been busy writing my novel and when I stepped into the redwoods this time, I realized that is where my characters live!

So of course, I snapped lots of photos and plan to return very soon.

Here are a few more of my inspirations…

1. Roses (and wine country)
2. Redwoods
3. Sunsets
4. Yellow (and closeups)
5. Fog
6. Ocean
7. Shadows
8. Views from Hilltops
9. Red & Green
10. Rivets in Bark
11. Moss
12. and Redwoods (they kind of deserve to be on this list twice)

What are some of the things that have been inspiring you lately? I’d love to know. Feel free to share in the comments section of this post.

And, if you think this post might inspire someone you know, feel free to share it on Instagram, Facebook or wherever you like to hang out.

Have a phenomenal weekend!

Juliette Crane


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  1. Nature always inspires me as well, the textures, colors and strange shapes. I am a rock hound and on walks always end up with a pocket full of rocks! I wish I could draw a rock, have you ever tried that, it is difficult! In addition to nature, I find great inspiration from artists like you Juliette and the classes I have taken from you. I cannot tell you often enough how much you have impacted my creativity, I have learned to create freely from you, without worrying so much about the outcome and trying to control it. Thanks for sharing your gifts! Have a arty weekend!

    • thank you so much, donna! it’s been amazing to see your artwork evolve! i love picking up rocks too! and seashells when i’m on the beach. i’ve never tried to draw them realistically… just abstract renditions with fingerpainting a few times 🙂

  2. We lived in half moon bay south of san francisco from 1995 – 2000. We visited sonona several times only a couple of hour ride. I loved it there. You have been my biggest inspiration. I have learned lots from you and have grown much this past yearwith your wonderful lessons looking sooo forward to serendipity 2.

  3. This is the area where I live! For me it is one of the most beautiful places on our planet, and I feel blessed to live here. I love the coast, the redwoods (if they are not in my backyard), the wine… It’s just wonderful, and I can understand that it inspires you. It does the same to me.

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