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10 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Door County cherry pancakes with almond butter,

red dahlias,

blue dinosaurs,


pink doorways,

the last lilly in the garden,

shadow and texture,

taking ferry rides across lake wisconsin,

the greenest greens,

and adorable smiles!


  1. You my friend are amazing and inspire so many of us! Your post was wonderful and those pancakes looked amazing! Sending you many creative blessings this week!

  2. Ok, thanks Julliette, now I'm eating pancakes for breakfast. LOL!

  3. thank you! those pancakes were so delicious!

    xo, juliette

  4. Lovely atmosphere in this post.

    I am now off to google 'pink door paint'!

  5. Oh my now i want some pancakes! Loving all your inspirations. xx

  6. Oh and we have our Joy Jam on tomorrow (Friday) come post this link in the linky share! It is perfect!

  7. Great post. Might I mention that you are one of my inspirations? Not trying to suck up. It's just the truth!

  8. thank you so much, cheryl…that is so sweet and just what i needed to hear as i head back into the studio today 🙂

    best wishes!

  9. Oh my goodness….you are making me SO homesick!!! Love these pictures!!!

  10. I love the new header, Juliette! Almost as much as I love cherry pancakes with almond butter!!


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